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This is an example of our Wedding Website
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This is an example of our Wedding Website
Click here to visit Spectra Web Designs
This is an example of our Wedding Website
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Wedding Websites
5 good reasons why you should have one!
Complete package from £395
With couples constantly looking at new ideas for their special day, wedding websites are becoming more and more popular and it's easy to see why. A good website can be loads of fun as well as an amazing organiser, which will save you time and importantly money that could be spent on other wedding related things. Our wedding websites are bespoke and usually designed with four pages, for example the couple, wedding, reception and gift list.

We have created a website using a floral design for you to get an idea of what can be achieved. Yes I did dig out some photos of me and my wife !!

Here are 5 good reasons why you should have one:
1. Your wedding website is about you.
Write about how you both met, the proposal. You can make this as serious or funny as you like. You could do a small write up on each member of the wedding party. This is a great opportunity to get at the best man before his speech!! Why not add some photographs to the page, this could be in the form of a slideshow or just a few photos well placed on the page.

2. Stress free organiation.
Couples have found that the website is a great central point to plan and organise their wedding day. With everything in one place, it is easier to keep focussed and quite simple to update. It's a central point for your family and guests to keep up to date on everything they need to know. There is also an RSVP form for your guests to update you on who will be attending. On the Reception page you could put the menu for the wedding breakfast with a form for guests to select their options and details of any food allergies. This could be set up to go to you and the caterer if you wish. The last page is the Gift list, this will offer your family and friends the opportunity to buy you something they know you need. When an item is selected there are a couple of questions to answer, which will automatically be sent to whoever is looking after the gift list. The list itself will then show that the item is no longer available to be purchased.

3. Useful information for guests.
Our websites are mobile friendly and secure. Once set up you will be able to send your guests a password to access your website, so they can log in whenever they choose.
A useful feature is the schedule of events, basically a timeline of the days events. there will be details of where the ceremony will take place, together with a map and details of nearby parking. Likewise similar information of the reception venue. There could also be suggestions of places to stay, with links to guest houses or hotels.

4. It is fun.
A bespoke wedding website is a wonderful way to enhance the whole experience and share your photos and stories. Once created there is an option for the couple to update the website themselves, for example with a blog containing photos of the Stag or Hen night, if not then we are available.

5. It's your website.
After the wedding why not add wedding and honeymoon photos, after all this is your website.  Our wedding  website package costs from £395 all in, that's the domain name and hosting for one year. Included is the option for emails, by having a dedicated email address for your wedding yours emails will not get muddled with your personal emails. Should you wish to keep your website for longer than a year, then you have the option to host with us for £50 a year.
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